New Crossfire team in Cursive

Tue 28th Jun 2016 - 6:39pm : Gaming

We are happy to announce a new division in our organization. We venture once again into the Crossfire scene. We have signed 5 motivated guys who wants to success so bad. The team is formerly known as “Team Greedy” and has participated in different tournaments.

The team consists of following players:
João "Zeuswfy" Ramalho
Vitor "Nartex" Silva
Pedro "LuisJR" Almanza
Afonso "Doll" Soares
André "Scorpzz" Freitas
André "Silvaa" Silva


“First of all I want to say thanks to everyone in Cursive's organization for the interest in us; it is a huge motivation for us to be representing this huge team!

We have chosen Team Cursive because it is a Team with good conditions and with a big name on the international scene. It's such a big pleasure to represent the Cursive's logo!

Our main goal this year is to qualify for the World Championship (CrossFire Stars) which will be hosted this year in Germany.


The team has shown promising results within the last couple of months including:


GO4Crossfire #144: 2nd place




Lucas Skytte Christensen

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