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    "These are the students for of does the heavy star Mu of madness permit ice rain?How do I feel that she has a little familiar looking?"Liao learns a soldier to looking at appearance, the the woman who all over hangs full shining jewel to wonder. Ring out a step voice on the stairs Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, old Liao hurriedly sits to keep body Zi and presses to extinguish cigarette butt and kiss to open sofa up fall full cigarette ash, temporarily fluster. "Make the teacher long etc., is really sorry, the small Bai went out this afternoon, I never knew and waited he to came back me will definitely notify his."Clock Di Rui again and again mean thousand times of apology. The large athletic shoes that places from the doorway and just boy's voice for quarreling upstairs, strange pop music voice, old Liao completely judges, clock 101 settle and then Be not willing to see himself/herself in the upstairs, the clock Di Rui Ao however younger brother also had to weave white lie. "It doesn't matter, clock ……H'm, Di Rui, let's come to discuss clock Bai classmate, is also your younger brother at the affair of school."When this can pretend ignorance, he originally wanted to call the other party as Ms. Zhong of, but finally old the face chose the form of address that was more intimate to come close. "Good, teacher, I just thinking know that the small Bai is dry to lead in the school what, before never teacher came to house to visit.Don't deceive you to say, this several in the last yearses I depends on each other for life with small Bai, I have been hoping that he grows up for the of indomitable spirit he-man." Do two younger brother Jies depend on each other for life?So their parents?The early years divorced still run away still keep having already been not in the human life, these all can not know, the guardian of a minor in the data of the clock Bai that column's filling is really a clock Di the name of the Rui.Directly he is in mind impossibly very take the liberty to inquire, have to cover up words. The facial expression that towards that moving look in the eyes and expectation, she definitely thinks that the younger brother studies at school it's excellent, the result is outstanding, morally upright brave, the diligence is kind. Weaving lies of home narrow circumstances through a clock Bai can guess that he usually tells a lie to the elder sister in the home, with as for clock Di the Rui has illusion like that. Since it is so Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, old Liao cans not fall through the imagination of the Rui of clock Di, either, dog blood usually says at family like this in television drama, the younger brother is the elder sister's only hope. "So, I said in detail to you clock Bai the classmate is in the school of be used as."Old Liao loudly way, the voice ring very much, not only is a living room, even listen to each person in the house clear."Ah!It is ashamed."The another cause covers a mouth after doing the disrespectfully big voice. "No harm, invite you to keep saying, has the small Bai already done what not good matter at school?" Indeed as expected and as expected Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, Liao learns a soldier to realize that the stairs very smallly and loudly moves, the figure of a sneaky dynasty the living room steal to take aim.See to a clock Bai still a kid who cares elder sister's viewpoint very much. Liao learns a soldier to cough 1:"I just new appointee form master several day, a lot of circumstances still didn't understand, however saw the contents that the former incumbent form master writes, the clock Bai had over fight with classmate of record." "!The teacher isn't true?I the wife and children Bai is lovely and obedient, he can't do one this kind of matter."The clock Di Rui doesn't know that the concussion is still surprised, the Qiao face rises is red. The Fu made an effort to breathe heavily in the stairs the clock Bai for listenning attentively a few thick spirit, "incredibly break the good little boy image that I packed in elder sister's in front for more than 10 years, ignore you is who, I guarantee assure your dead settle."A grudge of mightiness slowly surges forward and fills with his chest Yi. "Although fight isn't very good behavior Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey, I or feel from the heartly respect and admire to the clock Bai.For the sake of help drive problem the student humiliate of classmate, he volunteers to help to do a conflict with those students and stops the occurrence of bad condition.The clock Bai never hesitated to do what is right spirit is really that the difficult ability is valuable, Di Rui, you has a younger brother like this, I represent a school to feel proud for you."That matter is on the file empty several, talks phrase, didn't not only praise clock Bai, but also punish the toilet that he washed for a few weeks.But Liao learns soldier's one eye and then can see, he acquainted with too much to the formation reason that this student fights, a little bit changed a few phrases while illustrating and changed into to the beneficial factor of oneself student. "Although the school didn't praise him, because school doesn't encourage to fight, I think that this am a kind of embodiment of spirit, will be with president fight for getting hold of reward as far as possible." That fights Dou to beat affairs Vince Carter Unc Jersey, the clock Bai is pure is see however the eye just makes moves, the after the event punishes both parties each beat 50 greatest planks, rare Liao learns a soldier to reverse court sentence for him.However he thinks:"Hum, come for the first time my house's affirmation wants to put in a good word of, the root isn't worth trusting."Silently let go of to prepare to stir to the telephone of tiger. "That was really the too thankful teacher!" Liao learns once soldier's topic turn and pull to come home to reside vogue top, this topic that is the woman to like most , "Ms. Zhong's skin maintain really like, look a younger sister like small Bai, what cosmetics is what you used ?" Clock Di Rui obviously this problem was much laid it on with a trowel, but still very happy, after all the other party is the younger brother's teacher:"Ha ha, the teacher really jokes words." ", Window way that white jasmine is you personally educate of?The heavy leaf of is luxuriant, the blossom is full, the aroma is heavy must even I soon infatuated with." "BE?Ha ha, I felt still generally, the key that day often watered, and the ray projects light upon." "This fish tank is you purchase in person of?Is fine cultured, the beauty is generous, too good-looking, go together with too much with the adornment of home." The clock Bai in the mind scolds:"His mama of, exactly is a language teacher, a fish tank can also pull a so much good phrase of." From home chat the weather, chat clothing from the weather ……the clock Bai with full intention isn't a taste:"He exactly comes to house to visit to still do to accompany to chat ministrant?" Listen to listen to, Liao learns a soldier and turns but praises the clothes on the clock Di Rui body to match very much, the clock Bai head starts emitting smoke:"He, he connects this kind of words to dare to say, should can't wait under Be about to inquire about the elder sister's underwear color?"The telephone that quickly stirs inside in a dozen of living rooms, the clock Di Rui station start, still is saying:"Really?I feel that the wrinkly plait of collar does quite goodly.Take leave for a while, I answer a telephone." The clock Bai soon hang a telephone Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, heart way:"Chat this kind of topic again, I will rush out to stop them." "The oh hasn't answered and then hanged, probably someone beats wrong.Just where did we make reference to?" "Ha ha, the time is late, I the took leave."Liao learns a soldier to see the color of the sky, it's time to also go home. "Teacher, I have already worked well meal, stay in my home to have a potluck to leave again."The clock Di Rui smiles the idea Ying Ying ground invitation way. Clock Bai the in the mind Be angry ground of to shout loudly:"Elder sister, you how can is this kind of Sou idea?Dead sex maniac you if dared to promise to have a meal me to kill you in my home!" Liao learns a soldier is exactly beg it not get, rub hands to excitedly say:"This, not that all right, hasn't Mr. Zun gone home?" ", Haven't I got married.Did the teacher in"the clock Di Rui smiles, " decide to stay to have a meal here?I tidy up a bowl of chopsticks, under your etc.." Elder sister, you weren't teacher's creation to this color fan fan to feel? From 10 years old start, the parents of clock Bai divorce, the mother ran with a men, his father because company the reason work in France for several years and attend to not and last time a house to call on a kid.These seven in the last yearses he to the elder sister continue to long for felling more and more deeply, regardless do in the outside with classmate what bad matter, return to a home one vice- lovely baby's face to fear to break an elder sister to own expectation always.Therefore he particularly can not tolerate other people as well for becoming intimate with elder sister.

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